"Strengthen your faith..."

Have you ever felt like no one forgave you for the mistake you made so many years ago?

Or maybe your spouse has never said they were sorry and truly meant it for what they did to you. Has unforgiveness affected a relationship you have?

Throughout the book, you will find one example after another of people just like you who have struggled with their Christian walk. You will read of how they dealt with it and eventually won the victory, just like you can!


About Sharon

Sharon has worked in medicine for 30 years as a physician assistant.  She received her initial training at Baylor College of Medicine and then did additional training in public health at U.T. School of Public Health, where she received her master’s degree in public health.  She is the author of more than 100 articles.  She has also presented more than 35 state and national presentations.  Due to her working in medicine she has received multiple awards.

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Sharon will be presenting 2 TED talks within the Denver area during the fall of 2018. Visit her news page for more information and future videos.

Praising Practical Disciplines of a Christian Life

This book is geared toward women which talks about how to apply various Christian principles in your own life.  The author uses the stories of faithful women (and men) – some historical figures, some everyday people – to illustrate her points.  Topics in the book include trusting, obeying, praying, witnessing, forgiving, embracing joy, embodying generosity, and becoming holy.  The book is very educational in that the reader can learn a lot about historical figures – but the content is also uplifting as it encourages the reader in her daily walk with Christ.