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Become Like Christ, Serve Others

Serve others.  For many of you this comes easily, it’s like second nature to you, you don’t even have to think about it, you just do it.  You serve your kids, you carpool them around.  You serve your spouse by fixing dinners for him and your kids.  For others, service in the name of your…

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Laughter Truly is Good Medicine

Laughter, everyone needs it in their lives.  God calls us to be joyful (Pro. 17:22a).  Having joy in our lives makes our spirits glad.  But some of us are not innately joyful.  So if your temperament is not one of natural joy, how can you acquire it? To answer this, I like to think of…

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Fire God!

Fire God I came across an interesting idea the other day.  I was reading some material of Dr. Larry Crabb.  He wrote about being willing to ‘fire God.’  I thought to myself ‘fire God,’ what exactly is he referring to? Well, Dr. Crabb went onto to say is that we need to be willing to…

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Taking Care of Your Physical and Spiritual Health

With all of my medical background, I thought it might be fun to list out several health tips for all of my readers to input into their lives.  If you do these you can enjoy a better life and deal with any chronic illness’ with less pain and stress.  So here goes, I will list…

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Healthy Tips for a Long Life (continued)

Healthy Tips for a Long Life (continued) Nutrition: try eating a plant based diet, the more you go towards eating a vegetarian diet the better your body will be.  Remember, red meat charred on the grill has an association with colon cancer. You can read about a plant based diet in Daniel 1:8-17.  Daniel and…

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Take The Plunge and Become Whom God Wants You To Be

I’ve been told by many people that who I am has spurred them onto further growth in Christ. So what spurs you onto further growth in Christ? Is it your pain, your present suffering? Is it a physical or financial need? Is it something that is happening in your family which makes you lean into…

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