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 Let Freedom Ring

I don’t know whether you have ever been on Omaha Beach or any of the other beaches used by the Allies to begin their invasion of Europe in June, 1944.  This invasion was the beginning of the end for the Axis powers, which ended in Hilter’s death in May, 1945 and the end of WWII. …

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Judgment Belongs to God

Become a person of emotional depth who doesn’t judge others without all of the facts at hand.  Don’t judge someone based on one piece of information or one report.  Be like the Bereans (Acts 17:10) who searched the scriptures to find answers to their questions.  They learned to look into the information at hand before…

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Listen to God

Listen to God Are you willing to listen to what God tells you to do and then do it?  Or are you more like the people of ancient Pompeii, Italy who didn’t listen to the rumbling volcano, in 79 AD  which was just outside their city and died when the volcano erupted spitting hot lava…

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Be Wise

  I once emailed a faculty member at the local medical school regarding his job opening for a clinical epidemiologist.  I was four classes shy of finishing my degree in epidemiology at the time.  I also knew that all of the epidemiology doctorates in existence would not have the clinical training he was wanting, and…

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