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Become Like the Bereans, Think Critically

My Public School Days I remember growing up and attending public schools where I learned U.S. History from 1497 up through about 1945.  Due to the end of the school year, we didn’t have time to cover the Korean War or the Vietnam War.  But what I have found out since, my public school days,…

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Stand Up for Freedom – Part II

Part I was published 2 days ago The Leipzig prayer movement had created a crack in their government.  It was soon to morph into the final puzzle piece which brought down the Berlin wall.  On November 9, 1989 the East Germany government issued a government statement saying that any East German citizen could go to…

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Stand Up for Freedom, part I

A Quick Overview of European History, Post WWII As we look out upon what is happening here in the U.S. and the bringing to justice all of the people who have gone against our Constitution and tried to bring our country down, I am reminded of what happened in Eastern Europe in 1989 with the…

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God’s Purpose in Your Life

Ok, I’m really enjoying watching God Friended Me on Sunday night (CBS).  I have found it to be an enjoyable series where Miles and Kara receive text messages of someone who needs their help. The TV show reminds me of how God speaks to us.  He tells us (sometimes by dropping ideas into our mind,…

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What’s Happened to Today’s Church?

Maybe you’re like me, you’ve lost interest in attending church on Sunday morning.  You’d rather sleep in, or go out for breakfast with a friend, or get your laundry done.  To you, church is boring.  It’s the same oh, same oh. You’ve attended services with all of its loud music, people standing up and clapping…

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