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God’s Purpose in Your Life

Ok, I’m really enjoying watching God Friended Me on Sunday night (CBS).  I have found it to be an enjoyable series where Miles and Kara receive text messages of someone who needs their help.

Being a role model and friend to others through which Christ can shine

The TV show reminds me of how God speaks to us.  He tells us (sometimes by dropping ideas into our mind, other times through conversations with friends, other times through our prayer time) of things He wants us to do.  It may have to do with His wanting you to call a friend and encourage them, it may have to do with lending a relative or friend some money, it may have to do with speaking about what Christ has done in your life to someone at work.  Whatever it is, it is your special job to do.  No one else can do it.  He has specifically chosen you to do it.

He has specifically chosen you to be an answer to someone’s prayer.  Maybe an answer to someone’s need in their life.  Are you willing to follow His lead?

Are You a Role Model?

We are here to be a role model, we are here to be an example of Christ to the world.  Our friends and relatives are watching us, even when we don’t know it.  They are watching, observing and making their own judgment about who we are and what we are.

It is for this reason that we need to remember that we are not here on Earth for our own purpose, but we are here to fulfill the purposes of God.  He wants us to reach out to others and be that Christian witness to those around us.  We may be the only witness of Christ that they will ever see.

A Patient of Mine

I can remember when I was working at a county public hospital, seeing patients with all sorts of GI related issues, is when I came across a woman in her thirties, who was very backslidden.  She had inflammatory bowel disease and seemed to go through one medical regimen after another in an effort to treat her ulcerative colitis.

At one point she ended up in the hospital for several weeks as we tried to get her auto-immune disease back under control.  My boss didn’t particularly care for her, he thought she was just a ‘needy patient whom he didn’t have time for.’

I was doing all of her clinic follow up appointments and ordering her labs.  So we saw each other frequently.  One day she was waiting to get her labs drawn and saw me walk by on my way to lunch with a book in my hand.  The book was written by Max Lucado, a pastor who lives in San Antonio.  It was the presence of that book that told her I was a believer.

I had made a pact with myself to never share Christ with any of my patients unless they directly asked me.  I didn’t want to come off as obnoxious or pushy.  Also in medicine, many patients don’t want you to share Christ, for if you do they will immediately become agitated and angry at you.

My Patient’s Response

So the next time this patient saw me in a clinic visit, she asked about the book and my beliefs.  I shared with her what I believed and why.  She then told me that she had been observing me for months, and had noticed a special joy or light within me that other people didn’t have.

She proceeded to tell me that she had once accepted Christ when she was in her teens, but had come upon really hard times, which led her to become backslidden.  She was living a sin filled life by being a lesbian.  Over the past several weeks she had begun to really regret what she was doing and wanted out.  She told me she felt dirty and unacceptable to people around her.

We talked at length that day and over the next several weeks I gave her some books to read as well as encouragement about how to leave the lifestyle she was living.

She finally contacted her brother in California who was a pastor and he invited her to live with him, as she continued to put her life back together again.  I heard from her about six months later, and she no longer had any symptoms from her disease, she was eating a balanced diet and had found a full time job, as her brother supported her in her spiritual growth and learning to love Christ once more.

So are you ready to be the role model God wants you to be?  Who’s watching and observing you?  What are they seeing?

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