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Trust, How to Build It Into Your Life

Can You Trust?

Trust, that is an issue that many people struggle with.  Especially if you are a part of the gen-xer or millennial generation.  You have more reasons not to trust than to trust anyone or anything.

But trust is important.  You need to be able to trust God regarding His oversight of your life, you need to be able to trust your spouse (if you’re married), you need to be able to trust your work colleagues that they are doing what is in the best interest of all concerned, etc. etc.

Once trust is broken is it very hard to bring it back.  You become tentative of someone else’s motives, you keep people at arm’s length.  You think to yourself, ‘stay away from me.’

If you trust God, then you can learn to trust yourself

Is there anything or anyone you can trust?  Certainly not our government with all of the corruption going on there, certainly not your family members who walked out of your life when you were a child due to a divorce, certainly not a former friend who took off with some of your  money.  And unfortunately for many people they can’t even trust their local church due to the pastor being dismissed over theology issues, or being involved in an affair, or worse a church that is an apostate church and follows after the world instead of following after God.  Most likely, you can probably think of numerous other incidents where you don’t trust.

How Do Your Learn to Trust Again?

So where do you start to re-learn trust?

I believe one way you can learn to trust again is to have a growing relationship (friendship) with someone of your gender.  As this relationship grows and this person builds your trust in other people that they can be relied upon, then you can begin to believe that there might be others out there who can also be trusted.

I know this worked for me.  I didn’t trust God due to my not having a relationship with my physical father.  He was only present in my life in a physical form, other than this he was absent.  I learned early on to not engage in conversation with him and to just leave him alone.

So I had major problems with trusting anyone in my life.  I was demanding, angry and pushed people aside.  That is until I came across a woman by the name of Ann.  Over the next 10 years she mentored and prayed for me.  She listened unendingly to my expressed emotional pain.  It took several years into this relationship before I was able to trust others again and began to allow God to work in my life.  It was several more years before I was comfortable with being told ‘no’ by God to a prayer request.

Forgive Those Who Broke Your Trust

Another step you can take is to remember that we are all broken people.  We are not perfect, we are still being molded by God to be the people He created us to be.  Along this train of thought is to learn to forgive those who have broken your trust.  They may or may not have meant to have done it.  They may not even know they broke your trust.

What we must remember is that God calls us to forgive others, no matter what.  (Eph 4:32).  When we hold onto our unforgiveness we are only hurting ourselves.  We must remember that we ourselves are broken people who have likely broken other people’s trust.

In the process of forgiving the person(s) who have broken our trust, we must also walk away from our judgments of them.  We do not know their heart or their inner motivations, only God does.  We must be willing to let God judge them and He will in due time.

Finally, Ask God to Heal Your Heart

trust God with your future

After you have done the above, then it is time for you to ask God to heal you of your hurts and teach you how to trust once more.  This will likely be a process as He takes you through various scenarios where He teaches you it is safe to trust someone or something again.  As He teaches you trust you will also begin to believe in His goodness again and can thereafter begin to build your relationship with Him.  He wants to have a relationship with you, but this won’t happen until you begin to learn to trust Him.

He created you to do good in this world, can you trust Him to bring it about?

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