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Leah Sharibu, Nigerian School Girl Who Would Not Deny Jesus and Was Martyred

I came across this video of a song honoring Leah Sharibu who was a high school girl kidnapped by the Muslim Terrorist Group Boko Harem in Northern Nigeria.  Her captors kept asking and demanding that she deny her faith in Christ and she wouldn’t.  Leah was one of multiple girls kidnapped (276 girls) by this group a few years ago, in April, 2014.   Some of whom were eventually released, others rescued through the Nigerian military assaults on their camps in the forest between Nigeria and Chad.  Some of the girls escaped early on in the conflict (57).  Many of them were raped.  Others were tortured.  All of the girls had attended a high school in Chibok.

The conflict between the Nigerian government and the terrorist group dragged on for more than 4 years.  An audio tape of Leah was released to the public with a date of her execution if the government did not negotiate.  This date came and went without resolution.  Eventually it was determined that Leah had been martyred for her faith in October, 2018, 4.5 years after her initial capture.

At this time there are still numerous girls missing and unaccounted for.  Some of them are known to have been killed.

Here in the U.S. we are so unaware of what is going on in the world, Christians are being killed daily for their faith.  According to ‘Open Doors’ there are 11 believers killed every day for their faith, many are killed due to their converting from Islam to Christianity.  That means there is more than 4,000 a year who die for their Christian faith.

So now to my question: would you be able to survive being held captive for 4.5 years?  Or would you crumble and deny Christ?  This is a question every believer must ask themselves.  While you’re reflecting on your answer, listen to the video, it’s a beautiful song honoring a martyr.

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