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Do You Struggle with Addiction?

Are you like 68% of Christian men out there who are struggling with pornography?  Are you in the 25% group of Christian women who struggle with pornography?  Or maybe you’re a pastor, and if so then 50% of you struggle with this issue.  It affects 47% of all families.  There are even 55% of all married men in a Christian marriage who are addicted to pornography.  These are all horribly statistics.  What is going on, but more importantly how are you to get out of this addiction if you have it?

Pornography, it’s Addicting 

The reason pornography is so addicting is due to how over a short amount of time (after being exposed to it) your brain chemistry changes.  You have formed new neural pathways in your brain and with each successive view of pornography your neural pathway is strengthened.  This leads to it being easier and easier to want to view it the next time, eventually you just can’t say ‘no, anymore.’  So how are you to get out of it?

Thankfully there are several programs which have been shown to be successful in helping men/women break free from this very addictive behavior.  One of the programs is called ‘Every Man’s Battle,’ it is done by New Life Ministries, you can access it at: http://www.newlife.com, then look under resources and you will find their 3 day weekend conferences given all over the U.S.  Another potential resource is Dr. Doug Weiss, who is a Christian psychologist in Colorado Springs, CO.  He has several resources on his website to help you, weekend conferences and also written resources.  You can access them here:  http://www.drdougweiss.com

Your church may have a recovery group which can help you, ask your church if they have one.  Another option is to begin seeing a counselor who specializes in family issues. However you decide to break free, the important point is that you do break free and begin to connect with God in a way that is emotionally healthy and allows Him to build into you the man/woman He created you to be.

Here’s to your success in acquiring the freedom that God wants all of us to have!

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