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We Must Forever Fight For Our Freedom!

When you think of what happened this week being the 75th anniversary of D-Day, what comes to your mind?

Freeing Europe

One of the items which should come to mind is how on this day we fought for our freedom and the freedom of Europe.  Without the successful invasion of France we (the Allies) would never have made it to Berlin and the eventual destruction of Nazism.  What happened on the soil of France those many years ago, we must never forget.  We are privileged to be free, may we never forget this.

When we look back at what Nazism stood for we have to think of socialism.  If you haven’t heard about socialism these days, I’d be surprised.  It’s being touted by the left leaning liberals constantly.  Many Congressmen/women as well as U.S. Senators tout it and say it’s the way the U.S. needs to go to address our ills.  Only their speeches and belief in socialism being the answer is deceitful and very misleading.

The Failures of Socialism

Every country that has had socialism has failed.  The latest failure is Venezuela.  It is just now beginning to come out of socialism and in the process they have had street riots and major upheaval in their government.

But what about other countries you might ask?  Failures have occurred within the former Soviet Union (socialism there was finally dismantled after more than 70 years of trying to make it work) by Mikhail Gorbachev, then head of the USSR in 1991.  Also it has failed in all of the former Eastern Bloc of Europe which was held by force under the thumb of the USSR until the late 1980s (these involved numerous countries: Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Yugoslavia).

Then there is the slow disintegration of Communist China.  They are finding their citizens are going more for capitalism and hence their government has allowed small business’ to run and operate under the idea of a free enterprise.

The Worst Example of Socialism’ Failure

Probably the worst example of a failed Socialistic/Communist system is what happened in Cambodia.  In 1975 the dictator Pol Pot came to power and over the next 4 years his government executed, or starved to death 25% of its population (1.7 million people).  In 1979, Vietnam invaded Cambodia, deposed Pol Pot and brought in their version of communism.  Finally in 1991 Cambodia once more acquired its freedom and now has a more democratic government.

Yet even with all of these recent failures of socialism (everywhere it has been tried it has failed) at least 50% of millennials still feel led to want it for the U.S and desire to live under its oppressive thumb.

Why does socialism fail?  There are many reasons.  It calls for all private property to be abolished, the centralization of work production and decision making.  It calls for a dictator to rule the country with an iron fist, the abolishment of all freedoms of expression (speech, religion, print, assembly).  In addition the ability to protect yourself, as well as the abolishment of motivation to be productive at work and school, etc).

Its call for a classless society leads to those in governmental power being the elite (and to be feared people) vs. those who are poor, and hence only able to subsist on daily rations to live.  It is a system built on fear, intimidation and power.  Once you truly understand what socialism is, there is no reason to desire it to be brought to our American shores.

End Result of Socialism

Socialism’ classless society is responsible for bringing the Soviet gulags into existence (prison and extermination camps), Nazi concentration camps (where 11 million people were executed), Communist China where thousands are executed every year in their prison camps, and finally the killing fields of Pol Pot (communist dictator of Cambodia from 1975-79).

Therefore, let us remember we have to fight for our freedom every day, it is a privilege, to assert our personal beliefs, to work in a career of our choice, to assemble when we want, to speak in public and private when we want.  If our country goes to socialism, we would lose all of these rights and more.  May that never happen.   May we remember what our forefathers fought for on D-Day, and our military has been fighting for every day, our freedom.  We must be willing and able to take a stand for our democratic republic and what it means.  We must always be willing to make our government better and more righteous.

May We Never Forget

Let us never forget, God brought our society together, He brought the U.S. into being more than 200 years ago, we must stand up for what He believes in.  We should never forget the immense amount of lives which have been lost fighting so that we can keep our freedoms.

Let freedom ring!

Below is a short speech given by our past US President Ronald Reagan on the shores of Normandy where he talks about our needing to defend our freedom:


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