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How’s Your Spiritual Protection?

Read His Word, Follow His Commands then it will be well with you

How’s Your Health?

I want to bring up something that may not seem, at first glance related to Christianity and yet it is.  And what is that?  It’s your personal health, emotional, mental and physical health.

How specifically is your health related to your Christian beliefs?  Well to begin with, we were given physical bodies to house our spiritual souls.  So we need to take care of our physical bodies, if we are to be actively engaged in spiritual warfare.

Satan’s Attack on our Minds

What is one of the main ways that Satan attacks us?  It’s through our mind and thoughts.  So to stop these sorts of attacks we have to be on our guard at all times.  If you are emotionally or mentally depressed it is harder to be able to stop these sorts of attacks upon your mind.  (Rom 12:1,2)  God calls us to renew our minds, how can we renew them if we are mentally depressed or emotionally anxious?  (which is our flesh)

Satan can also attack us through our physical health.  Satan can come in and give us illness’ such as cancer, auto-immune diseases, skin diseases, heart disease, etc.  Just look at chapter 1 of the book of Job for confirmation on this.  So how are we to stop these sorts of attacks?

Spiritual Hedge of Protection 

Do as Job did prior to God allowing Satan to put him through his intense long trial, have a spiritual hedge around you and fear the Lord, shunning evil (Pro. 3:7,8 or Job 1:8).  Pro. 3:9 speaks about honoring the Lord with your wealth, the first fruits of your crop.  When you look at what Job did, he sacrificed an animal (the sacrificing of blood) every week to the Lord, that was his hedge of protection.  When Satan came at him, what was the first thing he removed?  The ability of Job to continue his animal sacrifices.  Once these animals were gone, Job could no longer sacrifice to the Lord and his hedge was gone.  Then Satan could attack him at will.

In Job 42:8 God told Job’s three companions to go and have Job sacrifice seven rams and bulls and then He would accept it and not deal with them according to their folly.  Here you see the spiritual hedge was going back up.

Praying is our Spiritual Hedge of Protection

But you can say we don’t sacrifice animals anymore, so what is to be our spiritual hedge?  The answer is prayer, we are to be prayer warriors (by praying in the name of Christ who is our sacrificial blood offering) fighting against the wiles of the devil, which is becoming worse as time goes by due to the closeness of the tribulation period.

Now to my mentioning  Pro. 3:9 where it states to bring the first fruits of your crop (or labor) to the Lord.  First fruits is generally thought of as being the first 10% of your labor.  You are a child of God, you have been forgiven by Christ, as such God owns all of you.  He also owns your money.  Have you recognized this and given Him the recognition He requires of you?  If you do give Him what is due He will honor and bless you to overflowing (Pro. 3:10)

God loves you and wants the best for you.  And if is through reading His word and praying every day, along with recognizing our Savior and God for whom they are and our position before Him that our life will go well with us.

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